Why Be The Best You?

Why Be The Best You?

Do you ever just want to cruise through life and do nothing? Most people do actually! BUT if you’re reading this blog you’re not one of them. You’re the ones that want to hit their potential and change the world!

I was actually headed out the door to a few birthday parties when my phone blew up and a friend said I had to watch the new ted talk. Him and I got to see the person on the ted talk video speak live and by the end of her talk he had the biggest crush on her haha it’s our inside joke because every girl he meets he always says “But she’s not on Jens level” lets just say she raises the bar pretty high haha Let me introduce you to my friends dream lady, Jen Groover. The best way I can is to share her new video that just launched with Ted Talks. She absolutely hits the nail on the coffin about becoming an enlightened leader. Her video is going to make you think, evaluate and motivate you to take the action needed to become an enlightened leader! Click HERE to watch it.

Jen Groover

In my video below I go over my main takeaways from what I learned from her talk she did but I want to expand on a few of the quotes and dive deeper with you on why I got such a “ahaha” moment from them.

“Your thoughts and beliefs create your actions which creates your habits which creates your outcomes”… Click To Tweet

Beliefs in that quote is the first thing we have to deal with. Your belief starts with your thoughts. So many of us have stinky thinking and the words we tell ourselves constantly are either negative or non serving. What I mean by that is that we just don’t think we are worthy of success, a promotion, or more than what we have. Let me shut that thinking down right here right now. YOU ARE AWESOME and believe me when I say you’re suppose to compete against your potential. Don’t let anything keep you back from your goals and dream. Once we get our minds right watch out world because YOU are about to own it!

“Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much” @jengroover via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

This quote was big because I like if you really want to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible you can’t do it yourself it has to be with a team. Create your dream team and make sure to get after it daily! #YouGotThis

After you check out Jens video leave a comment below or email me JW@JeremyWrightLife.com I want to hear what your top three takeaways were!

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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PS: One of the most inspiring people who didn’t quit was a homeless lady with $2.03 to her name that became a millionaire a few years after. Her audio on NO EXCUSES will rock your world and one I re listen to a lot 

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16 Commentsto Why Be The Best You?

  1. Lynda Kenny says:

    I have heard many great women and men speak on TED. Thanks for sharing this with us today Jeremy. There is nothing more inspiring to hear someone speak who you resonate with.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      I agree. I think she nailed it with the talk as well! Thanks for your feedback and keep up all the hard work 🙂

  2. Ron Deering says:

    Love the TED Talks… Team is Together Everyone Achieves More…. you are right on… thanks for sharing Jeremy…

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Ron that definition of TEAM is a good one!! Thank’s you for that!

  3. I was guilty of comparing myself to other people as well. I had to learn my only competition is myself and nobody else. Thanks for sharing this Jeremy!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      WOW thank you so much for sharing! It’s crazy how many of us go through that but now it’s our duty to help others who are facing it and share how we got out this comparitise trap! Way to break through!

  4. Steve Krivda says:

    If people understood how powerful their minds were, this World would be a different place.
    appreciate you

  5. EXCELLENT…I truly believe that the industry we are in could bring everyone from all walks of life together and end some of the harsher elements of our world…like War…Keep on keeping on brother. Well Done.

  6. Sonia says:

    Hi Jeremy. I watched the videos. Thank your for sharing about this incredible woman. I will send this video to my team. thank you!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      WOW thank you sonia!!! Keep up all the hard work and inspiring others!

  7. Rosa says:

    This was a new Ted Talk for me and wow! Thank you. So many gems! I love how she talks about lifting others up. She’s remarkable.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Glad you liked it rosa and thank you for the feedback!

  8. Vitaliy says:

    Hey Jeremy awesome tips from this TED talk, love it!

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