Who To Go To For a Website

Who To Go To For A

Who actually enjoys looking for a web developer? Like you wake up and say I can’t wait to find me a web developer today! haha Now way not me that’s for sure!

I did know that having a web presence was important and I knew I had a good amount of friends that could do the work for me but each time I would talk to someone it would either take too long, the price wasn’t where it needed to be etc…. I remembered meeting Josh in the water while bodyboarding and knew that he was really into building websites like it actually got him excited when he was talking to me about it which was cool cause I love people who like what they do.

If you haven't read how I hire friends then make sure to read it HERE. Okay so back to this blog, when I reached out to josh about this project I couldn’t believe how fast his responses were, how confident he was to get the project done just like I wanted and most importantly how he committed to making sure the website was always going to run smoothly and if updates needed to happen he would take care of it.

Hiring josh was an easy decision and someone I am going to recommend to anyone in the market to get a website done. Go to his website and check out his work. Let him know Jeremy Wright sent you and make sure to let me know your experience as well!

This interview goes a bit more in depth about the process and I hope it helps!

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10 Commentsto Who To Go To For a Website

  1. Ron Deering says:

    Great post… luckily I’m a software engineer and web designer but what great advice…. thanks for sharing….

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Yeah that is a MAJOR skill to have Ron. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Lynda Kenny says:

    Thanks for the post Jeremy. Having a designer help what I did too. I wasted too much time trying to do everything myself.
    A lot of people will get a great deal of value from this.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Awesome! I hope so 🙂 More time doing what you love!

  3. Awesome! Great for people who would rather outsource!

  4. steve krivda says:

    Being that I’m not so techie, outsourcing is my favorite option 🙂
    Great post Jeremy

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Love it man!!! Lets keep getting better and serving more people!

  5. Jenni Ryan says:

    Yes I have always outsourced> I have no flare at all when it comes to design!

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