The Swim To Victory

The Swim To Victory

How long can you hold your breathe for you? Growing up my friends and I would always compete to see who could hold their breathe the longest under water in the pool. We mostly did it for training for our sport but also because we were all so competitive. But one time we pushed it too much.

My friend Buzzy kept losing this particular day and he was committed to beating all the older guys. He pushed his limits a bit too much and basically blacked out! It was pretty scary but long story short he’s alive and well and actually doing really well in his tattoo business now days. What does holding your breathe have to do with anything? Well that story of buzzy committing that he was going to win no matter what is going to be the focus today. What if you get so committed to your goals, dreams that you are willing to do whatever it takes, do you think you’ll accomplish that goal? I do and I believe you will!

Recently I got to go free diving to clear my mind of things going on and get focused on what I wanted to accomplish. There are tons of benefits of clearing your mind and this article on how to do it in 15 min is GREAT. But when you clear your mind and get focused on what you want I have no doubt that you’re gonna do what you set out to do. It might happen a lot faster than you plan, or it might take longer but if you’re committed you’re gonna accomplish it for sure. One thing that I focused on recently was to have this feeling of having a certain amount of money in the bank to be able to live off of for six months. The reason why is because just knowing that you have it gives you a bit more confidence when talking to clients, you won’t come off needy and overall it will give you peace. I gave myself six months to hit that goal. But guess what! By the middle of next month I’ll have that fully funded six month emergency fund and that goal will be hit! You might ask how the heck did you shave four in a half months off that goal? Well just like Buzzy I got it in my mind that no matter what I was gonna make it happen. I put in more hours than I usually would, made more calls than ever and was determined to help as many people that I could. That’s the power of focusing on a certain goal and going for it, you just do it!

What is something that you want to accomplish that you are willing to have laser focus until you hit it? Maybe it’s a goal to feel for your spiritual walk, a relationship goal, a goal to grow, a goal to GIVE! I don’t know what you want but what I do know is that whatever it is you want to do YOU can do it if you just decide and take ACTION.

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Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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20 Commentsto The Swim To Victory

  1. Steve Krivda says:

    Create it first, then walk in to your new life. awesome

  2. Lynda Kenny says:

    Congratulations on your achievement, Jeremy. You are awesome.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      WOW thank you! But Lynda YOU’RE MORE AWESOME 🙂

  3. Gary Bledsoe says:

    You are so on point with this. This is why Napoleon Hill stated that we need a “Clear Concise Mental Picture of What We Want In Life” Being mentally clear is a must. Thanks for sharing

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Gary come on brother!! Thank you for sharing that the more focused we are the more we will accomplish! #LetsGrow

  4. Ron Deering says:

    You always put out such great content…. love the post Jeremy…. I’m a long time diver and love the swimming reference….

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thank you Ron!!! NO WAY!? Really!? That is beyond cool! And if you have any cool pictures from your dives tweet me at @4jeremywright I want to see them for sure!

  5. Hey Jeremy,

    Great post! Definately enjoyed reading 🙂 It is so important to make a plan and write it down……and taking action is key to having success!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      You got it joan! I see you crushing it for sure! Thanks for the support and lets keep helping people!

  6. Congratulations that sounds like such an AWESOME adventure I’ve never gone free diving, that definitely sounds like a great adventure.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Yeah it’s so fun! You definitely have to do it and when you do Lynette tweet me some cool pictures! Best year ever! Lets do this!

  7. Jenni Ryan says:

    I love this post! I think its important to also have goals besides income goals but personal goals with growth etc as well. Great share.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Amen! It all comes down to priorities. Check out what someone just commented on my FB Page about the 5 F’s it was really cool and pretty much how my priorities are set up! Keep crushing it Jenni!

  8. Elvia Perez says:

    Congrats on your victory of saving 6 months it’s not easy. I appreciate that you applied your own advice of clearing the mind. Totally dig your picture!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Elvia ask me at the end of the month because that’s when it’s gonna be done but we’re going for it! Thank you! If you ever go diving or surfing make sure to tweet me a cool picture at @4jeremywright keep killing it! Big big year!

  9. Matt says:

    Great post Jeremy! Love your commitment to your goal! Being clear is vital to your success on achieving your goals! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Appreciate it matt!!! I love seeing all the growth you are having and how you are applying what you lear daily!

  10. I like how you worded it. you said decide first! most people plan, write and then decide! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      So cool you caught that brodrick!!!! I see you growing and crushing it! NO slowing down! #LetsGO

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