The 6 Absolute Keys To Being Consistent: PT 6 Pushing Through

The 6 Absolute Keys To Being Consistent- PT 6 Pushing Through

I hope you’re ready for today’s final training on being consistent because this is the ONE part that when I learned it I actually got mad! WHY? Because I was doing the first five pretty consistently but this one little factor I was blowing it! If you’re ready say “I’m ready” okay, good let’s dive into this together!

Let me start with this. Everyone. Again EVERYONE goes through a plateau, and the only way through a plateau is through it. So the things that you know you should be doing to be consistent that we talked about in pt 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to get past a plateau you’re just gonna have to do it anyway. Part six of this series is about pushing through!  You’re not gonna want to do the things needed but guess what? Push through and do it anyway cause it’s the right thing that will get you to where you want to be and have dreamt of. We all want to talk ourself out of what we know we should do but the push through mentality will get you through it.

If I can be honest this past month was a difficult one for me. Just trying to be positive and surround myself with positive people was not enough at all. I had to pray pray and pray! But when I heard these two word of encouragement it helped keep my eyes on the prize and focused on the goals that I set out earlier this year! The first one: Before every break through there is usally a breakdown always. And

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We go over this in detail in the video and I got pretty fired up but it is so so so true and I need you to apply this when you are having limiting beliefs in yourself and goals. Embrace these two words and maybe write them on a flashcard, screen shot this or type it up. The word UNTIL. “I am going to do it until I create success” and the other one is DESPITE “I'm going to create success despite what I'm going through”

Friends I hope this was encouraging for you. I pray that this message on being consistent hits a cord in your heart and you share with others what you learned and you live a life of being consistent and crushing your goals. I can’t wait to hear all of the breakthroughs that are about to happen!

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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8 Commentsto The 6 Absolute Keys To Being Consistent: PT 6 Pushing Through

  1. April says:

    I completely agree! UNTIL was the big life-changing word for me this time. I had to laugh a little because I just found a website that lets me track things in a chain in the ‘Seinfeld’ method. I really appreciated speaking to the negative voice in your mind too. The ego doesn’t like change. It will tell you anything just to stop you from changing. Push past it! Nice. Thanks!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Heck yeah april! Way to apply all that you learn despite the circumstances 😉 #CHAMPION

  2. Exactly right Jeremiy work UNTIL & DESPITE!! Thanks for sharing today

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      You got it!!! Thank you so much for the feedback!

  3. Gary Bledsoe says:

    So On Point Jeremy, “Push Through” POWERFUL!! I compare pushing through to a baseball player at the home plate ready to hit a ball. If he doesn’t push through or follow through on his swing, he will never hit a home run. Awesome Point!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Amen and amen gary!!! We’re gonna have to push through to get to those massive goals we have but my oh my is it going to be worth it!!!

  4. Don Shan says:

    I’m really liking this series of blogs from you Jeremy! It’s very step by step and easy to follow!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thank you don!!! Today we close this series on consistency brother but way more to come! Let’s grow brother!

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