The 6 Absolute Keys To Being Consistent: Pt 4 30 Day Goals

The 6 Absolute Keys To Being Consistent: PT 4 30 Day Goals

Can 30 days really change your life? Isn’t that a legit question after someone shares the success they’ve been having. Well 30 days definitely can and we’re about to dive into this topic TOGETHER! Ready? If so, say “I’m ready!” alright lets do this!

(Make sure to read pt 1, pt 2, and pt 3 before diving into this with us)

When I got to learn this the person who taught me gets to be in a mastermind with the average income in the group is 19million a year for individuals and some of the people are at 200 million. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but whenever I hear what successful people are doing I definitely try to mirror it and I know you have the same thinking. But why 30 day goals I asked what was so important about it? Well annual goals are a bit tougher to hit and 30 day goals are a lot more doable. I wanted an example and I got one. The person who shared this with gave me his person testimony from it all. He actually at the beginning of the months wrote 3-4 goals that he wanted to focus on that month and he was going to hit them no matter what. When he wrote them he had them visual so he can see them daily and make sure that what he was doing was getting him closer to it.

When he got clear on those 3-4 goals he wanted to accomplish each day he was intentional of hitting what he set out and after 30 days he hit every 30 day goal that he set! Isn’t that something!! I was asking myself I wonder how that made him feel? I’m guessing accomplished, good but most importantly I bet it gave him confidence to want to do it again the next month and push himself more. That’s exactly what happened and for the past 90 days he has been crushing each goal.

What are 3-4 goals that you can give yourself this month to make sure to hit that will get you closer to your annual goal? Get clear on it and make it happen! Also HERE is that resource that I mentioned in the video.

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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14 Commentsto The 6 Absolute Keys To Being Consistent: Pt 4 30 Day Goals

  1. Ron Deering says:

    Part 4 is as good as the other parts…. monthly and daily goals are crucial to making a difference in your life and others…

  2. Gary Bledsoe says:

    I Agree Jeremy, 30-Day Goals Are So Important! Thanks!!

  3. Great post! Been loving this little series so far looking forward to the next! 30 day goals are key to linking you and taking you to your longer term goals! Thanks for today’s post Jeremy!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Appreciate it matt!!!! Lets crush these next 30 day goasl!

  4. Great post Jeremy! This is great post that shows you why breaking goals down into smaller more managebale time frames is so important. I have enjoyed this entire series. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Appreciate dereco! Lets crush these next 30 day goals!

  5. Don Shan says:

    30 day goals are easy to track and helps us keen in track. Love the video!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thanks don!! Lets crush these next 30 days!

  6. Elvia Perez says:

    Jeremy, thank you for breaking it down for me. GOLDEN NUGGETS!!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      You got it man! Let’s keep growing and getting better!

  7. After reading yesterday’s post on 30 day goals, today’s post definitely helps to put it all into perceptive with the bigger picture in mind. Again thanks for sharing Jeremy appreciate it!!

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