“Jeremy Wright is a man of passion and integrity! Being around him makes me a better person. I'm lucky to call him a friend”
– Jordan Kemper, Founder of OneBody International.
“Jeremy has always been top in his game. It's important to him that not only is he is doing his best, but it's at a level that only a few people can achieve. There are very few people that I can endorse, mostly because I believe there are very few people that can stand out. Jeremy makes the cut” 
– Russel Hornbeek, Founder and Director of Music Saves Lives.
“Dedication and excitement are the two words that sum up Jeremy Wright. Jeremy's drive and energy levels are off the charts, he is an amazing human with a passion and history for success.” 
– Jeff Hubbard, 3x Bodyboard World Champion and founder of Hubboards.
“Jeremy Wright is an unique entrepreneur that I've had the joy of mentoring in my Advanced Diamond Mastermind. In a short number of years, Jeremy has successfully transformed himself from a top athlete to business leader. It's been very rewarding watching him apply the mental lessons he had as a top professional bodyboarder to the world of business. Everyone who works with Jeremy will benefit from his commitment to success, his passion to help others and his humble God driven leadership”
– Simon Chan, 3 Star Diamond Director, member of the Million Dollar Club and winner of his company's prestigious President's Award. He is also the co-founder of Network Marketing Training Academy and publisher of MLM Training Magazine.
“Working with Jeremy Wright has been nothing short of a blessings. He is always willing to offer support, encouragement, and positive uplift– you walk away from him feeling like you can do anything. Jeremy is a one-of-a-kind individual who is truly committed to team work, service, health and freedom. Not only does he inspire me to “better my best”, he inspires me to be a better person.”
– Dr. Lisa H. Upshaw.

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