Should You Hire A Friend To Do Your Book Design?

Should You Hire A Friend To Do Your Book Design? Would you trust somebody that was talkative during a beach bible study? When I was 20 I met that person I just described! He was with a group of friends that just got back from Indonesia so he was all about telling everyone about the awesome time he had overseas. My friend Brent Bielman who is one of the best water photographers in the world introduced him to me since we were the only bodyboarders in the entire house with a room full of surfers and he knew I didn’t know anybody at the house yet.


When I first met Nick that day I knew from the get go we were gonna be friends. He was always cracking jokes, being the life of the party and thinking of fun things to do. We went on a couple of fun day surf trips and the more I got to know him the more I realized how talented he was at designing. People would hire him to design, shirts, hats, websites, banners everything. I knew he was super talented because when we got done bodyboarding I would dive into a book or social media and we would hop on the computer studying some design blogs or getting inspired by people like Maestro Knows.

Book designer

My girlfriends mom and my business coach Simon Chan challenged me to give back to my community. Since bodyboarding played such a huge role of who I am today I decided to share this journey from being a boyboader, graduating college, suffering a back injury that halted my professional bodyboarding, to working at various jobs to finally getting introduced to entrepreneurship and how it has changed me for the best. I wrote the content for the book, picked the pictures and reached out to Nick to see if this book designing project was something that we could work on together and he was on board from the get go!

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I always encourage people when hiring or building a business to start with the people that are closest to you because the trust is there. Examples of this in my own life is hiring my best friend Kevin to print my shirts or shooting withJason Yokobosky for head shots and the list goes on and on! Your next project see if you can support a friend in their business by using their product or service when you are in the looking zone. If you’re looking for a great designer, make sure to check out Nicks website and contact him. Let him know Jeremy Wright sent you!

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7 Commentsto Should You Hire A Friend To Do Your Book Design?

  1. Ron Deering says:

    Great post Jeremy..what a great interview…..

    • jeremywright says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback Ron! Let’s keep bettering our best!

  2. Jenni Ryan says:

    Awesome – great to meet people like that.

    • jeremywright says:

      Thank you jenni! I know who would of thought meeting a friend at the beach would open up so many travels, adventures and collaborations! Keep up all the hard work!

  3. Great post Jeremy!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • jeremywright says:

      You got it justin!! Kepp up all the hard work and brining that positive energy!

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