Should You Be Lazy?

Should You Be Lazy?

How would you react if you heard someone who listened to a speaker and got courage to sell all the possession they own, move to another country and pursue the passion they had? A little crazy right? Well I met a gentleman that did just that!

I have never heard of Devon Franklin till Sunday. He was a special guest speaker at my church but one thing that was awesome was someone in the crowd was a huge fan of his and shared what Devon did to inspire him and give him the courage to go after his dreams. After I heard that  guys story just from hearing him speak and reading his book I automatically could not wait to hear him speak! In the video I go in detail on my top takeaways from listening to Devon and I got to say it was awesome and you’re gonna love it!

Devon Franklin

I do want to expand on one thing he said and it is a tweet able!

Approach your circumstance with excellence @DeVonFranklin via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

I feel that sometimes a lot of us can be frustrated at where we are at in life at this very moment. You and I are exactly where we are because of us and our decisions. Here is something that Jim Rohn said that really put things into perspective.

Jim Rohn Not A Tree Quote


One thing I really took away from hearing Devon speak was his passion and conviction in his message. He has a book that you can get HERE and if you read it before me make sure to email me at and let me know what you thought of it, what your favorite part was and what action you’re going to take from what you learned.

Let me leave you with this last part which encouraged me the most and that is when he said



“Some of us don't have the impact we have because we're impatient” @DeVonFranklin via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

That hit me because I can always want things now now now but life is a journey and hitting your BIG GOALS shouldn’t come easy and is going to requite a lot of work and sacrifice. Lets put in the time, the work and make sure to NOT QUIT! Because winners never quit and quitters never win!

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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PS: One of the most inspiring people who didn’t quit was a homeless lady with $2.03 to her name that became a millionaire a few years after. Her audio on NO EXCUSES will rock your world and one I re listen to a lot 

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  1. Lora says:

    Great nuggets Jeremy! Thanks for sharing & love your energy.

  2. Ron Deering says:

    Another great post Jeremy…. thanks for sharing….

  3. Steve Krivda says:

    wow man, now I have to look up Devon Franklin

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