Open The Window Of Opportunity

Opent The Window Of Opportunity

How do some people get a ton of opportunities in life and others don’t? That was a question I would ask myself and want to know. Well let’s dive into it together and find out why!

First it’s all about having a VISION. Once you have that it’s crazy how more and more opportunities come your way because you’re clear on what you want.

I heard this quote that lit me up

“The window of opportunity never opens on its own” via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

How true is that? Whatever you want you’ll have to sacrifice to get it but it’s gonna be worth it. Get a team that wan’t to see you win. This definition of T.E.A.M is so good.

T- Together

E- Everyone

A- Achieves

M- More

I didn’t have a team like that in the beginning but get intentional on wanting to see others succeed, celebrating others victories and you will start having people do the same for you.

Who in your life is playing big and doing well? Shoot them a quick message and let them know you’re proud of them and that it’s only the beginning for them! Help put a smile on someone's face and watch more and more windows of opportunities coming your way!

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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Jeremy Wright’s Blog 

“Helping positive people succeed ”

PS: One of the most inspiring people who didn’t quit was a homeless lady with $2.03 to her name that became a millionaire a few years after. Her audio on NO EXCUSES will rock your world and one I re listen to a lot 

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10 Commentsto Open The Window Of Opportunity

  1. Ron Deering says:

    I love the acronym for TEAM…what a great post … thanks Jeremy for always adding so much value to the community… rock

  2. Gary Bledsoe says:

    I Truly Agree You Are A Product Of The People You Hang Around, Powerful!!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      YES!!! Keep up all the hard work brother!

  3. Oh this is absolutely so true indeed Jeremy, thanks so much for shedding light on this one!! More people should listen to your advice!

  4. Jenni Ryan says:

    Nice! nice encouraging post that shows people you care.

  5. Ryan Haley says:

    Great stuff Jeremy, your got to open the window! That’s so simple but gold!
    Also read your Beach bum formula twice now.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Appreciate the feedback ryan! You’re the man!

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