How To Make Today A Masterpiece

How To Make Today A Masterpiece

In school I never really liked the equations that teachers would put on the board. I think because sometimes it would be over complicated but today we’re gonna simplify and make the equation to having today be a masterpiece FUN!

John C Maxwell broke down this formula so simple for us that when we learn and do it we’re gonna be shocked how simple it is and how doable it is as well! Are you ready? Okay lets do it!

Good decisions + Daily Discipline= A Masterpiece of Potential

Told you! Simple right? Easy? Maybe not. But worth it? Definitely! So for you to go out there and make your day a beautiful masterpiece find out what decision have to be made and find out the daily habits you need to take to let you hit your goals. I really appreciate how John Maxwell broke it down because it almost makes you mad that it’s that simple haha but it is and he proved it!

Here are some super good quotes he shared in this section of the book as well

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda- @JohnCMaxwell via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

The Way you live your life today is preparing you for your tomorrow- @JohnCMaxwell via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

I believe that there are two ingredients necessary to make every day masterpiece: decision and discipline-… Click To Tweet

Today and every day make decisions because they’re RIGHT. I know that doing the right thing might not be the “cool” thing but when we each do the right thing because it’s the right thing our lives will head in the RIGHT direction 😉

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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10 Commentsto How To Make Today A Masterpiece

  1. Hey Jeremy!
    Great post! I would love to share, but no sharing icons 🙁 Love the quotes!!

  2. Keren Haim says:

    LOVE this post Jeremy!!! So inspiring!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thank you keren! Keep bettering your best girl 🙂

  3. Ron Deering says:

    Love Maxwell’s books and teachings…. Thanks for sharing the great content and video… tweeted all of it…. if that’s a word 🙂

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      It is a word and you’re the man! Just started following you on twitter right now 🙂

  4. One of my favourite reads, thanks for this reminders some of which I still need to be reminded of 🙂

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      You got it! Keep bettering your best champ!

  5. Vitaliy says:

    thanks for sharing this Jeremy, awesome!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      For sure vitaliy! Keep crushing I see you working hard man!

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