How To Beat The Joy Thief

How To Beat The Joy Thief

Do your friends have your back? I think that’s a good question to ask yourself. Who are your 3am friends who you can call at anytime? Do they exist? If not lets get you some so they can help you beat up the Joy thief!

I know you just said what I said “The Joy Thief” is that for real? YES it is! You know those times in during the day when things are going great, you’re being productive, you’re getting everything that you set out to get done and ONE little thing can steal your joy! How annoying is that?! I think for us it’s pretty frustrating because of looking at the positive that joy thief comes to steal our energy, get us upset and focus on the negative but let me encourage you when that happens I want you to LAUGH OUT LOUD at him and give him or her a big smack behind the head and move on with your day.

Having certain friends that have your back in this area is pretty important. It can be a friend that you have online, a mentor you look up to, or someone that will stand with you to keep moving forward to where you know you are headed. My friend told me to have an eternal perspective but in the video I broaden it and share how to have your vision clear. When your vision is clear when little joy thief come in you’ll just move on with your day and keep crushing what you set out to crush!

First look in the mirror and ask yourself am I a good friend to people that might need me? This is something I had to ask myself and shoot I said NO so I decided to be intentional in my friendships and now I have people that will stand with me to kick any joy thief up haha And next time something try to steal your joy and you don’t have a friend to lean on tweet me and will take care of it together!

Stay awesome, be blessed and keep bettering your best!!

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20 Commentsto How To Beat The Joy Thief

  1. Ron Deering says:

    love this today…. so many people could use this including me sometimes…. thanks for sharing Jeremy

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Heck yeah ron!!!! We’re taking out the joy stealers one by one! BOOM!

  2. Lynda Kenny says:

    We all need someone to have our back. Like you say a friend, a mentor etc. Quite often someone can come along and burst our bubble. So glad you wrote this today. Thanks Jeremy

  3. Steve Krivda says:

    This is cool bro. So many of us get stuck in out computer day in and day out.

  4. Love this video Jeremy! Lead with the need by serving others more. Nuggets all through this one, thank you for sharing. Had a very similar situation recently and a mentor came along at the right time! Never let anyone rob your joy!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thanks matt!! One thing I did today that you would like is I called 10 people randomly and just shot some encouragement to them out of no where. 8/10 said “Wow you couldn’t of called at a more perfect time” do it and lmk what happens!

  5. Lisa says:

    Love it Jeremy! I have felt that exact way on some days too so your video really resonated with me. You have an incredible, super cool energy about you! I love it! You inspired me to be better.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      So blessed to hear that it blessed you! People like you lisa is exactly what people need. Keep shining and rocking it!

  6. Sonia says:

    I love your energy in your videos and also the tips you are giving us. thank you Jeremy!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      WOW! Thank you so much sonia! That just made my day! “Joy giver!” 🙂

  7. I love your video Jeremy and the tips especially the lead with the need & not letting things rob your joy tip! Thanks for the tips and your video!!! See you at the top!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thank you lynette!!!! We’re taking out any joy thiefs! On a mission 🙂

  8. Gary Bledsoe says:

    So Many People Want Things, But Have NO Burning Desire. Having A BURNING DESIRE & Taking Action To Obtain That Desire Is A MUST In Business. GREAT POST & I’m FIRED UP!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Bro you’re always fired up! Love your energy! Lets goooo!

  9. Great post Jeremy, I can so relate to having the joy thief sneak up on me. This post was right on time.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Come on man!! I receive that!!! So so so happy it came at the right time. Let’s bless and help as many people as possible!

  10. Nancy Loehr says:

    at the end of the day it all comes down to how strong your vision is. I love my friends and I have many but they do not believe in my dream. So I love them anyway and carry on with my dream. And I smack the joy thief upside the head every chance I get! Thanks for the great info.

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      BOOOM!!!! That’s what I like to hear nancy! With you accomplishing your goals it will inspire your friends TRUST ME! It took me a few years of me watching my friends create success before I decided “Dang I should start doing what they’re doing cause they look a lot happier than me” You’re gonna create a massive army of empowering woman, I see it!

  11. Vitaliy says:

    Hey Jeremy you have an awesome attitude bro! Love your energy. Yes to more activity, to having a burning desire, to helping more people. Nothing will steal the joy!!!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Wow! Thanks so much man! Keep up all the hard work I KNOW you’re crushing it!

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