Can You Learn From Losing? My Thoughts Of Losing My Contest In Puerto Rico


Loving Life Under The Waterfall

I first went to the enchanted island of Puerto Rico in 2009 and got some amazing waves with some of the top riders on the island.


Small Warm Water Waves

The first time I went …

Steps To Obtain An Entrepreneur Mindset

Most people work for someone and have an employee background. What if you had an opportunity to learn from an entrepreneur who has been in the trenches for the last seven years building his business that is now global with …

Quick Review on Big Al Tells All book

My top three take aways from the book

  1. Give the person with a need….a job. Give the person with a desire….an opportunity!
  2. To get more milk, get more cows
  3. Thoughts determine what you want…. Action determines what your get


July wake up winner!

If you're like me and have a hard time waking up I might have a solution for YOU!
My friend Terrence and I always strive to better our best and after reading and learning from so many top income earners …

Tijuana Bodyboard Contest & What I Learned Losing In The Semis

Fun Times at the Contest

Losing never felt so good!  I know that sounds weird, but this past weekend I got the opportunity to compete in the 5th Annual Tijuana Festival Contest.  I won the

Even A Haircut Can Bring About Change

After my haircut
It’s funny what a haircut can do for me.  You might be saying, “What do you mean?” After I get a haircut, I always feel like a new person:  more motivated and confident.
Less hair

QTR 2 90 day Challenge


New Workout Challenge

I just finished planning my workouts, putting them in my calendar, prepping my meals, getting the right people to keep me accountable and most importantly the reason WHY I am doing it. I'll post a pic on my next blog …

KJ 26

My best friend Kevin just turned 26. It feels like just yesterday when we we're making Embrace shirts, selling them and just dreaming of living the life we have always wanted. The journey continues. Will get there!

Finished HYBRID workout

Just finished the HYBRID workout which is P90x and Insanity combined. Some days are P90x and some are Insanity. I really enjoyed it and it was TUFF for me.
I found out a ton about myself and how I can …

Good Friday

Spent good Friday watching an online church service, going to the movies with UCLA football player Ben Wysocki and of course getting some waves! …


Won Josh McGowan contest last week and got a custom healthpak! So stoked!!

Sunday Funday

Nothing like waves with your friend followed by poke burritos! …

First time Rock Climbing

My friend Eric invited and took me to my first rock climbing session! I had a ton of fun it was super challenging!…

Food and Backyard party

An epic lunch my girl made and also strelekis backyard bday party! Epic times had by both occasions!

Intros I did

Here are two intros I did one for Tomas Artica and Dr.Ladd Macnamara


House Events

Love getting to do house events! Getting a ton of people healthy is the BEST feeling!…

Next Generation

Young entrepreneurs are raising up every single day and hungrier then ever! I remember being 18 owning my clothing company with my best friend and asking older people questions on how to make it happen. I love helping the young …

Saturday Wave days

Pretty cool to see people write this about you!! Love to boogie and love positive vibes! That deserves a BOOM!! …

Mommas B day

She is soo beautiful and never looking a day older!
For sure the best mom out there and the most encouraging, uplifting, God fearing women I have ever known.
She is having the healthiest year yet, helping a ton of …

Spanish Speaking Nights

One of my dreams is to launch my business big time int he spanish speaking community! My friend Jesus and a few others are amped and on board!

Speaking at the Super Saturday


Good Combo

Love this combo!
This day the waves were so fun! …


Hope everyone was able to spoil the ones they love above and beyond yesterday! Now lets get back to work so we can spoil them more for FOREVER! #OURDUTY…

Old Shot

Got this sent to me! I think from when I was 19 and my second time to Puerto Escondido Mexico for waves

FIVE I Pads I got for FREE!

I am in the growth 100 again and my company rewarded me with five i pads! That's what I'm talking about! 

What DRIVES You!?!?

I saw this and it just fired me up!! Hope it can do the same for you!
Message below on WHAT DRIVES YOU!

Brunch on Super Bowl Sunday


First Book Winner


This was a contest from my business page! Love hooking people up!…

SK Lunch

Getting to get lunch with Soomin Kim is always so good.
He is filled with so much knowledge about the industry that I get to be involved in that I always like to hear stories of people who made it …