Do You Want Excuses Or Results?

Read Below Why I'm Smiling Below!

Read Why I'm Smiling Below!

Are there things that you know you should be doing but every time you’re about to get to it something magically happens where you don’t get the job done or a distraction happens?? I have

Moving From Charisma To Character


Speaking On Charisma VS Character

Have you ever been in a slump in your life? Like you see people succeeding and hitting their goals, but you just seem to be at a stand still?

When you're stuck find someone who have gone what you have gone through or going through and LEARN how they got through it. Darren Hardy is a wealth of knoweledge

 Darren Hardy is a wealth of

Hitting The GOLDEN Dream


Poster my company made for me of my promotion

The harder it is to accomplish something, the more rewarding it is when you actually hit the goal that you set for yourself. Hitting your goals is usually not going to …

Can You Learn From Losing? My Thoughts Of Losing My Contest In Puerto Rico


Loving Life Under The Waterfall

I first went to the enchanted island of Puerto Rico in 2009 and got some amazing waves with some of the top riders on the island.


Small Warm Water Waves

The first time I went …

Steps To Obtain An Entrepreneur Mindset

Most people work for someone and have an employee background. What if you had an opportunity to learn from an entrepreneur who has been in the trenches for the last seven years building his business that is now global with …

Did I learn Anything At Entreleadership One Day Event?

The answer is yes! 
Below video gives you a glimpse! 

My Favorite Take aways!

  1. If you help enough people you don't have to worry about money 
  2. God owns your business, He owns your opportunity and He is in charge

Who Actually Sticks With Their Goals From January?

My Girlfriend ran with one of her best friends and business partners Stephanie Campos. The girls celebrating Stephs birthday!

Who is actually still going for there goals in October?

These people love running! Dedicated

Not to many people stick with

Got a Go Pro Camera and an I Phone

I have always wanted to capture my surf sessions since it’s something you can re live when you watch it and the good times instantly come back. I got to get myself a Go pro and have been loving it. 

Bringing the Motivation to the Mid West

Got to do a big team training call motivating one of the fastest growing mid west teams in my company! Lynette Mast is ON FIRE! 



Getting To Motivate a Global Business

I got to speak to Anna Lozano and her international team Wave Makers International. One quote I touched on was that “It's not about you. It's about pulling out of others what they have their already” 

Hope you get some

How the Purpose Driven Life Book Changed Me

Diving into a life changing book

This was the last book I thought I would see my oldest brother read; wait, I didn’t think I would ever see him read!
You can get this book on Amazon

Nate Bautista Little Black Books

Nate and I in Utah 

Have you ever wanted access to something that you couldn’t have?

My friend Nate has been involved in the company I am currently with many years before I became a brand partner with them. He

Become A Rapid Reader


I thought having a college degree made me an above-average reader.  In the video, you will see that six months ago, I was a very below-average reader.
In February, my business Coach Simon Chan suggested a book by Peter

2013 Convention Recap

My GF Vanessa and I learning and hanging with Millionaire in the company Mr and Mrs Aaron Dinh

I recently went to my company's annual convention, and it was one of the most motivating yet humbling experiences to date. Going

Testing the BZ Fundamental 41.5 Board

Have a few waves in this new clip my board sponsor BZ put together
[vimeo w=500&h=281]…

Quick Review on Big Al Tells All book

My top three take aways from the book

  1. Give the person with a need….a job. Give the person with a desire….an opportunity!
  2. To get more milk, get more cows
  3. Thoughts determine what you want…. Action determines what your get


July wake up winner!

If you're like me and have a hard time waking up I might have a solution for YOU!
My friend Terrence and I always strive to better our best and after reading and learning from so many top income earners …

Tijuana Bodyboard Contest & What I Learned Losing In The Semis

Fun Times at the Contest

Losing never felt so good!  I know that sounds weird, but this past weekend I got the opportunity to compete in the 5th Annual Tijuana Festival Contest.  I won the

Do All You Can While You Have The Time

Photographer Jeremy Philips capturing a photo of me at a waves that wakes up this time of year

People would always say, “Time flies,” but this year has been going mach speed!  Can you believe that 2013 is already MORE …

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Looking forward to more water time!

Is there something that you always wanted, but didn’t think you could have? After my injury, I lost all hope in my bodyboarding dreams.  However, there is a famous quote, “second chances come when …

Top 10 Take Aways From The Matthew Payne Event

In this VLOG I share my take aways from an event I got to go to with my friend Terence Brooks! This guy Matthew Payne brought it and blew the roof off! Crazy energy and amazing communication skills! Be motivated …

How A Fish Out Of The Water Stays Motivated and Healthy

I still haven't found a machine at the gym that can replicate the work out you get from bodyboarding Pic by Sawitz

I never liked hitting the gym or doing typical workouts.  I would always just bodyboard for hours upon

Who’s The Katchka In YOUR Life?

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Even A Haircut Can Bring About Change

After my haircut
It’s funny what a haircut can do for me.  You might be saying, “What do you mean?” After I get a haircut, I always feel like a new person:  more motivated and confident.
Less hair

My Magazine Interview Challenges Me To Go Bigger

Enjoying a wave in Nicaragua on my trip with BBR Magazine

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Birthday Surprise Goes Sky High

Growing up I always looked forward to my birthday with the amount of gifts I could possibly get, to my mom's famous once a year tacos and of course my very own b day cake!
As I get older I …

My Business Coach

YES it's true I got myself a business coach. I am a big believer to get to your goals faster find someone who has done it, do what they do and you'll get what they have.
One of my …

Before Pics! Chubby boy

Do you ever feel like you work out but you're not getting the results you wanted?  Well I felt the SAME way!
A big factor for me was my eating habits and lack of sleep.
Eating junk food or fatty …

Boog Shorey

My friend Josh McGowan shot this to me! Love getting in the water

QTR 2 90 day Challenge