Advice I Got From A Non Quitter

Advice I got from a non quitter

I have quit a lot of times in my life. Actually, let me take that back: I have THOUGHT about quitting a lot, but wouldn’t really quit and throw in the towel. One of the main reasons is because I would always remember the saying, “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”  That saying inspired me to not actually QUIT. It would also get me excited to raise my standards and want to get better.


One time in my business I was really struggling and frustrated on how things were going. I reached out to my friend who became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30. He gave me a lot of advice. One thing he shared that I’ll never forget was, “There are a lot of people that want to make a change in their life without making a change.”  To get better at your craft or hit those goals, you have to realize that you have to change you and constantly get better.

One of the most inspiring stories of someone who didn’t quit is Nick Vujicic. Watch his story here.

I remember losing a contest in Puerto Rico. I learned a lot through that disappointing loss. One of the take aways is that the person who won the contest that year lost the previous year in the earlier rounds. What if he would have stopped competing? He wouldn’t have been able to taste victory.


This is one of the best no-quitting motivational quotes out there

I love what the famous Les Brown says, “No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I'm going to make it.” @LesBrown77 via @4jeremywright blog Click To Tweet

Live an extra extraordinary life and inspire others!


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PS: One of the most inspiring people who didn't quit was a homeless lady with $2.03 to her name that became a millionaire a few years after. Her audio on NO EXCUSES will rock your world and one I re listen to a lot 

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7 Commentsto Advice I Got From A Non Quitter

  1. Lynda Kenny says:

    I can relate to what you have said here Jeremy. Quite often we have days when we want to throw in the towel and quit. Our vision keeps us going though. And as you say, winners never quit. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thank you for the feedback! I love how YOU shared that our vision keeps us going, exactly what I needed to hear! You’re awesome!

  2. Ron Deering says:

    I love Jeremy… Quitters never ever win…. action will win over inaction… great post thanks for sharing

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thanks for the feedback ron! Love you input on action btw! So true and so key!

  3. I’m with you, I have “thought” about quitting so many times, but it just doesn’t fit in with my character. I knew that if I could just hang in there, things would eventually work out….and they always do! Love this post, thank you for sharing Jeremy!

    • Jeremy Wright says:

      Thank you for the feedback and for sharing. Hearing how you’re not a quitter got me so pumped up cause the world needs more people like you and your story can and will encourage others! Keep up all the hard work!

  4. Jenni Ryan says:

    Hey Jeremy . Great post and video> I am one of those rare people that don’t want to quit or get the urge to. The more struggle the more I am determined haha.

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